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  • MarketingTech Talk Alert!

    MarketingTech Talk Alert!

    Embark on the intricate dance between technology and marketing. Join us to simplify and optimise your tech investments, breaking free from the chains of banal trends. Discover the hidden potential in processes and get practical solutions — no more Rolls Royce platforms for newsletters!!!

  • Showing SFMC data in Sales Cloud

    Showing SFMC data in Sales Cloud

    I am seeing large numbers of questions, asking how we can sync large volumes of data from Marketing Cloud and into Sales Cloud. Well, let me start by asking you a question: Do you really need the data to be physically in Sales Cloud? Or do you want it to be presented in Sales Cloud?…

  • Our SFMC implementation failed

    Although most implementations are successful and provide solid ROI to the organizations, I have also seen a failure or two. It is first of all, a question of not getting the expected value from the significant investment, which Salesforce Marketing Cloud is.