Author name: Lukas Lunow

Impression Tracking in Marketing Cloud

Have you ever created an email where you have tens of different offers in separate dynamic content blocks and wondered how you would report back the click data from the blocks? Are you using Ampscript to present highly individualised emails, and lost track of your click rates for those particular offers? Then Impression Region tracking is the right solution to stay on top of your engagement data.

Contact Deletion in Marketing Cloud

Why is deleting contacts important? With privacy having rightfully increasing focus, you should ensure that you don’t store and process more data than needed, in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment. But what is a Contact and how are they being counted? Salesforce explains it quite well in this article. Deleting contacts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud …

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Deliverability monitoring in Marketing Cloud

How can you be sure, that your emails make it all the way to the recipient’s inbox? Spoiler: keeping an eye on bounce rates is not enough. Let me introduce you to Inbox placement. It refers to the ability of an email message to successfully land in the recipient’s inbox rather than being diverted to a spam or junk folder. It is a measure of the deliverability and effectiveness of an email campaign.

Consent management with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Imagine a world, where you only have Salesforce Marketing Cloud. No Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or other applications which you would normally consider a system of record for identity and consent. Especially when looking at the Consent Data Model of Salesforce: The Salesforce Consent Data Model is the standard data model for managing consent at …

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Our SFMC implementation failed

Although most implementations are successful and provide solid ROI to the organizations, I have also seen a failure or two. It is first of all, a question of not getting the expected value from the significant investment, which Salesforce Marketing Cloud is.

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